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Blue Water D.R.P., LLC


Blue Water D.R.P., LLC is a drug and alcohol testing facility that has been in operation since June 2009. We provide drug and alcohol test results to any agency in need. We can customize and drug screen to fit any needs you may have, and at very low costs.

Blue Water D.R.P. offers a variety of testing and utilize the top rated toxicology laboratory in the nation. Redwood Toxicology offers laboratory confirmation and quick turnaround time for results.

DOT Testing

Non-DOT Testing

Expert trained staff

All staff at Blue Water D.R.P. are trained in 49 CFR Part 40.


This office provides both DOT and non-DOT breath alcohol testing. All staff are BAT's (breath alcohol technicians). This means we are all trained in the step-by-step process on how to collect a proper breath alcohol sample, how to report that sample and how to check for accuracy and integrity of the breath alcohol machine.


This office is fully trained and certified to perform 49 CFR Part 40 for the U.S. Department of Transportation Workplace. These are specific guidelines for testing that apply to employers and individuals who come under the regulatory authority of the U.S. Department of Transportation and those individuals who conduct urine specimen collections under DOT regulations. DOT urine collection guidelines can be used in any other authority. All collections are done with accuracy and integrity.


We also offer all other drug and alcohol testing services, including but not limited to saliva testing, hair testing, and breath alcohol testing.


Specimen Collection Services DRP provides:

  • DOT and non-DOT urine specimen collections
  • DOT and non-DOT breath alcohol collections
  • Saliva collections
  • Hair follicle collections

FormFox Certified

Our facility is also trained and certified to receive and test clients through FormFox application and FormFox Marketplace. FormFox is the nation's leading provider of software and information systems for managing substance abuse testing programs with over 3,500 sites. This a data management and workflow solutions to improve processes for all involved in the drug and alcohol testing industry.


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